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I LOOOOVE my Masterpiece! I use it on everything! My family will not even touch my hash browns without it! Can't get enough of it!
I loved the samples I tried!!! I can't wait for my Peppery Lemon. It's going to really "spice up" my chicken and fish!! The Southwest Sizzler has such a nice kick to it too. Great spice blends. All of them!!!! Good job Mark!!!
Tried the Mark's Masterpiece. It turned my bland potatoes and boring hamburgers into a spectacular, mouthwatering meal. Now I can't cook anything without it.
I have always loved your Marks Masterpiece, I put it on practically everything. But I recently tried your new Peppery Lemon, it is my new favorite! It's great for vegetables, chicken, fish and rice!
I love the Masterpiece! I use it on everything from steak to scrambled eggs! It's the right blend for almost anything! My family has loved all of the blends that we have tried, my kids even like the spicy Southwest Sizzle!
As a family we love these spices. Mark's Masterpiece enhanced our Thanksgiving turkey. Southwest Sizzler adds just the right amount of kick to deviled eggs. We've also tried both on scrambled eggs and love the unique flavor. Chicken Scratch is splendid with olive oil on baked chicken breasts.