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With all of the great brands and flavors of seasoning blends currently on the market, we felt there was still something missing. Thus, we have created our own line of select Gourmet blends, each designed to fill that gap. We add a unique depth of flavor to all foods, unlike anything you have experienced! We want your food to burst with flavor, with ease and consistency. We hope you enjoy our blends as much as we do, and it is our desire to help you expand your taste buds. Shop Now

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Health Benefits of Spices

There are so many health benefits with herbs and spices, Such as Ginger – several studies have found that ginger (and turmeric) reduces pain and swelling in people with arthritis. Also, Garlic; When eaten daily, garlic can help lower heart disease risk by as much as 76 percent: it moderately reduces cholesterol levels (between 5 and 10 percent in some studies), thins the blood and thereby staves off dangerous clots, and acts as an antioxidant.

Make it a challenge to learn more about each herbs and spices and how they can change your lives.

Seasoning Blends

Words From the Chef

We are very finnicky when it comes to the selection of herbs and spices we use to create these wonderful blends.

We want the world to experience our blends on ANY type of food for the ultimate in flavor enhancement! So we look for freshness and purity of the herbs and spices we use. This includes the salt we use as well, using ONLY the Pink Himalayan salt, for its mineral content and unique taste.

We are always working towards a higher quality of product and services for you, our most important person.


Seasoning Bundles